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About provides a meeting place where bloggers meets advertisers who want to market their websites through posts on blogs.

Bloggers register their blog with At registration we will provide you with an estimated amount we will provide you for advertiser posts.

When Advertisers log in, they pick which blog they would like a post to appear on. They must agree to the predescribed post cost. Once they put the order in, ImaginAds will email the blogger and advise them that they have a pending order.

It is up to the blogger to decide whether they want to accept the order or not.

If you decide to accept the order, you will post on the website and order specified. Generally the order is a one paragraph article about something specific on the advertisers website.

It is as easy as that. You instantly make money for your post. Check our FAQ (Click Here To See Frequently Asked Questions). OR.. you can always send us an email for specific questions.